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Nizan Mosery

Mr. Mosery has been involved in real estate for
the past 20 years and currently owns many  

properties nationally and  worldwide.

While living in New York, Mr. Mosery owned a
construction company and applied his knowledge in
the construction field, working on numerous single family homes, multi-family and commercial projects of up to 300 units.


Since moving to South Florida in 2009, Mr. Mosery became a licensed real estate professional and is extensively involved in the South Florida market. Mr. Mosery owns K.E.A.N Realty Solutions a Florida-based real estate brokerage firm and one of the first sole Commercial Remax franchises in South Florida. Mr. Mosery and his team head up the multi-family division.


Mr. Mosery is the also owner and C.E.O. of K.E.A.N Management Solutions, a hands-on boutique professional management company. Mr. Mosery has had the privilege of working with some of the real estate industry’s best on residential as well as commercial property. His
background ranges from managing commercial assets, recognizing emerging markets, property management, syndication, mentoring and advanced creative financing techniques.


He is also the founder of the South Florida Mastermind Society, one of South Florida's first Commercial Real Estate Investment Group. Before Mr. Mosery studied business law and marketing at Pace University, which subsequently allowed him to secure a position at Lehmann Brothers, he was a member of the Israel Defense Force.


After leaving Lehmann Brothers, Nizan traveled the world for many years, spending time with foreign dignitaries and His Holiness The Dalai Lama.


Mr Mosery is the host of the acclaimed "Traveling Investor" Radio Show and Podcast on every Thursday LIVE 1pm EST.


Laure Marmontel


With her family business in the construction industry,
Laure soon found interest in participating in the

family’s activities: laying tiles, wood work, plumbing,

roofing, electrical work...

After studying to become a licensed real estate agent and mortgage broker, Mrs. Marmontel was involved in the process of building multi-million dollar single-family spec home, rehabbing single-family homes in Miami and managing multi-family units in class-D neighborhoods.

During her business career, Mrs. Marmontel also took care of the finances of several high-growth corporations and high net worth individuals – during which time she polished her education on tax strategies and asset management.

Thanks to her commitment to continuing business education and self-development, Mrs. Marmontel has created many business tools to enable Cornerstone Investment Partners to grow its portfolio in a structured and solid manner.

Because Mrs. Marmontel has also invested in several natural gas and oil investments in Ohio and Texas through real estate syndications, and thanks to her financial and asset management background, she understands Investors’ needs and is therefore very successful at managing the Investors Relationship division of the company.

Mrs. Marmontel earned two Masters Degrees in International Economics & Finance from the University of Miami, FL and Université d’Orléans, France.

In her spare time, Mrs, Marmontel aims to inspire women and support them in their financial independence journey. As such, she has co-authored the 2018 Amazon's #1 selling book "Wealth for Women: Conversations with the Team That Creates the Dream The Top Female Professionals Who Can Help You Get Wealthy in Real Estate (A Message In A Bottle)".

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